Trademark Guidelines


Lotus Biscoff® trademark guidelines 

We are pleased to know that you enjoy working with Biscoff® spread and cookies in your recipes to delight your customers. We would like to inform you that Biscoff ® is a registered trademark of Lotus Bakeries. The use of Biscoff® products in the preparation of your recipes does not automatically entitle you to use the Biscoff® trademarks such as logos, design, look &feel and trade dress. As a branded company, Lotus Bakeries is keen on protecting these valuable assets and to ensure the integrity thereof.

However, as set out in these guidelines (“Guidelines”), certain ways of use are authorized by Lotus Bakeries so you can include the Biscoff® brand name to benefit from its power and recognition. These Guidelines apply worldwide and intend to refer to Biscoff cookies, spread, topping as a characterizing ingredient of your Product.

When can you use the Biscoff® trademark? 

You can only use the Biscoff® trademark on the conditions that you: 

  1. use the real Biscoff® ingredients in your recipe (hereinafter « Product »). and,
  2. respect the Biscoff® trademark guidelines as mentioned below. 

Product requirements: 

 The Product must be prepared and manufactured exclusively within your point of sale in a healthy and safe environment, in compliance with all applicable laws, standards and regulations. The Product must be made on site and sold within 48 hours of its manufacture. The Product must contain genuine Biscoff® ingredients.

  1. Product photography 

Hereby we mean photography of your Products exclusively used for menu communication, in-store communication or on your business’ social media accounts. 

  • Biscoff iconic cookie or Biscoff spread jar can be used in photography if this represents the way the Product is being served or represents the amount of ingredient that is actually used ​ 

  • Example 1: you can use a Biscoff® cookie next the coffee cup or on your muffin only if you are serving it this way to your customers​ 

  •  Example 2: you can use the Biscoff® jar next to your donut if you have used the  Biscoff® spread as an ingredient. One jar should suffice, no more.​ 

  • The Biscoff® cookie or packaging cannot be altered/changed/edited.​ You cannot use any illustration or product rendering. 

  • Biscoff® logos or any other Biscoff brand assets cannot be edited into the photo  


As a closing remark 

Lotus Bakeries may change or withdraw these Guidelines at any time in its sole discretion. Changes will be published on this website. You agree to be bound by the latest version of these Guidelines as published on this website. You also agree to comply with any other brand usage guidelines instituted by Lotus Bakeries from time to time. We advise you to check this website every 6 months whether the Guidelines have been amended or withdrawn. 

By using our trademarks, you acknowledge that Lotus Bakeries is the holder of these trademarks and that you will not contest, challenge or interfere with Lotus Bakeries’ rights, including registration anywhere in the world of such trademarks (alone or in combination with other elements). You also acknowledge that you will not misuse or cause reputational damage to our trademarks. Any goodwill derived from using Lotus Bakeries’ trademarks will inure to the benefit of and belongs to Lotus Bakeries only. No other rights as set out herein are granted to you.  

Lotus Bakeries reserves the right, at any time and in its sole discretion, without giving any justification, to revoke any authorization to use the Biscoff® brand. 

Companies that  would like to use more assets than allowed per these Guidelines or to look into the opportunity of co-branding, are strongly encouraged to connect directly with our local Lotus Bakeries teams to see what the requirements are and what the licensing contracts entails. 

For more questions, reach out to your local sales representative. 


When visualizing the Product made with Biscoff on menu communication (e.g. menu card, menu displays,  totems ….), we provide the following guidance. 

  • The Biscoff trademark must always be written with capital “B” and followed by the registered trademark sign ®
  • After Biscoff, you must always mention which Biscoff ingredient is being used (e.g. cookie, spread, topping).
  • The Biscoff logo or any other branded assets cannot be used.